Workbench Platform Overview

One platform. Zero headaches.

System of Record

A single place to store CAD files, MOQ's, certification documents and more


Create milestones and issue tasks within individual stages. Visualize bottlenecks to production


Make sure marketing, logistics, quality and upstream suppliers are on the same page for critical information.

Milestone Page.png

Collaborate directly on milestone goals

Minimize emails, WhatsApp's, WeChats, and phone calls by issuing tickets. Assign reminders for work that needs to be done or information needed. Create threads on action items to iterate and converse.

Create and issue tasks

Add subtasks and breakdown production guidelines and milestones even further. Track progress and use data driven decision making to plan ahead.

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Frame 6.png

Build Conversation Threads

Send pictures, upload files, and create conversation threads. When you add a new comment, it'll show up in your suppliers inbox. They'll be able to reply direclty and log it in Workbench.