Who We Are


Why did we build Workbench?

Global trade is the backbone of the world's economy. Over the last 20 years, the computing revolution has enabled us to go from 1 - 100 of software with relatively little ease. At Workbench, we believe that physical goods will, and should, follow the same trend. We're building the infrastructure to support the next generation of atomized manufacturing.


Prince Ghosh


Former NASA Glenn/Zin Technologies, Case Western Reserve Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering '19

Lucas Fridman


Former Black Diamond Nanostructures, Case Western Reserve ChemE & Data Science '19

How Workbench Started

Our Origin

Workbench was built by us (Prince and Lucas) as an evolution of our initial vision - a way to digitize end to end information processes in manufacturing. While initially building a product sold to manufacturers to help digitize factory floors, we noticed the painfully manual process of collaboration that happened before manufacturing even started.

From coordinating production launch dates to running engineering validation tests, to changing requested quantities, the manufacturers we were working with and the brands they were selling to had to relegate to email and spreadsheets passed back and forth hundreds of times.

After hundreds of phone calls and conversations with brands working with contract manufacturers, and contract manufacturers working with brands, Workbench was built. With Workbench, companies can collaborate both internally and with contract manufacturers on new product launches. Workbench becomes the centrepiece of your product development and operations