Modern supply chain management software

Workbench makes it easy to collaborate and manage PO's in one place. Built for high performance procurement and supply chain teams.

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Reduce the hundreds of emails, texts, and whatsapps needed to run production

For modern supply chain teams running cutting edge production.


Packaged Goods


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Invite suppliers Into your workspace

Collaborate with suppliers, vendors, and manufacturing partners through a modern file storage and ticketing solution. Or, just use interanlly and have your suppliers interact via email.

Collaborate and version files

Upload and version your BOM, CAD files, pictures, videos, or anything else your team and suppliers need to get the job done. Accessible globally so that you always have a system of record available.

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Create tickets for action items

Minimize emails, WhatsApp's, WeChats, and phone calls by issuing tickets. Assign reminders for work that needs to be done or build forms to collect repetetive data.

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