Boundary Labs is now Workbench!

A real-time manufacturing operations platform

Help boost your operational efficiency by up to 20% and never miss another production deadline.

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Real-time data to empower real-time decision making from your phone, tablet, or laptop.

Production Tracking

Track your real-time production rates and see how many parts you're producing per minute, hour, or shift.

Easily determine if you can hit your daily production goals.

Efficiency Monitoring

IoT connected sensors collect real-time data straight from your production floor to measure machine or human utilization efficiencies!

Find out who your best performers.

Downtime Logging

Have operators instantly log downtime causes from an iPad at the point of operation. Capture and visualize this data.

Identify bottlenecks in production preventing you from scaling.

Mission Control

Centralized Enterprise Intelligence for every aspect of your operations

Real - Time Visualizations

See instantaneous and continuous utilization visualizations to assess your operations.

Instantaneous Alerts

Get an escalating text message or phone call as soon as production targets are missed.

State Logs

Go back and check retroactive state logs to see when your production was active, in idle, or down.

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Downtime Explorer

Dig deep into your production bottlenecks with a no-code data science platform for any operations or production analyst.

Identify Part Deficits

Understand how many units you missed in your production on a per-operator.

Track Bottlenecks

Relate the number of missed production units to downtime causes logged on iPads from the production floor.

Observe Trends

Visualize trends in downtime data by comparing missed production in different capacities.


Do I need wifi on my factory floor to work with Workbench?

No, you don't! We're happy to either connect to your native factory floor wifi, ethernet, or gateway. If you don't have any sort of connection, we'll provide our own!

How do you collect your data?

We collect data in three ways: electricity sensors (to pull directly from machines in high-volume, low-mix); buttons (to benchmark efficiency in low-volume, high-mix); and

Does this integrate with my ERP/BI tool?

Yes! We're happy to provide an API that makes it easy to connect our real-time data to the rest of your production! Feed in any, or all of your data points in a way that's most convenient for you to visualize your insights.

How many people can use the system?

We offer an unlimited number of seats. Scale-up, or down as you please!

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