A superpowered ERP built for hardware startups

Hardware is hard enough. Workbench makes it unbelievably easy to manage your vendors, BOM, and RFQ's/POs - all from one modern platform.

No more opening Excel, Asana, and Gmail side-by-side for simple tasks.

For teams who dare to build the impossible.


Autonomous Vehicles

Medical Devices

IoT Devices

Space Technology

Suppliers Flow - Select Manufacturer - 1.png

Source production partners instantly and manage their information.


Search for vetted production partners based on your needs of time, quality, and price.


Enter points of contact, locations, and capabilities.


Create a single source of truth for anyone in your organization to go for your next project.

Quickly edit specs, store/share files, and see revisions.

Get the flexibility of a spreadsheet with the depth of an application. Make sure your BOM is up to date and easily understood. Use our preset schema's, or make your own and create a source of truth across engineering and ops.

Parts Flow - File Preview.png
Orders Flow - PO Gen.png

Generate and track RFQ's and PO's.

Build an RFQ Instantly

Pull together parts and vendors to build an RFP/RFQ. Fire it off instantly to multiple contenders with a few clicks.

Quickly Generate PO's

Convert a winning RFQ into a PO and generate a formal PDF. Send it to your chosen production partner in-app.

Track and Manage Orders

Track production across all of your issued PO's. Work smarter and bring visibility.

Simple, transparent pricing.

Scale your company from prototype to product with ease.



For the team just getting started

$20/ user / mo
$15/ user / mo
  • Up to 5 users on platform
  • Full Information Hub Access
  • Integrated unified communications
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When you're ready to start production

$45/ user / mo
$35/ user / mo
  • For teams of 5-20 in size
  • Full Information Hub Access
  • Integrated unified communications.
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CES, here you come.

  • For teams of 20+
  • Full Information Hub + Unified Communications via Slack
  • Custom storage, compliancy, concierege service offered.
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